What’s the Biggest Metal Print You Can Get from Image Wizards?

How big can you go with a metal print from Image Wizards? Well, the largest “single-print” size is 48” x 96” (4 feet by 8 feet), but you can go bigger – a lot bigger. We are not intimidated by print size!

That’s because we can take an image and split it into smaller prints and then put all those smaller prints together into one very large image. You would never know the difference between our one single-print process and our split-image process to produce the end product. So, if you want a 78” by 62” print, for example, we can do that.

But keep in mind, that if you want a print that big, you need to start with a quality image. We prefer 300 dpi (dots per inch) at size. The photograph should always be worthy of the size. We’ve been praised for doing “magic,” but there are limits.

As a wildlife photographer, Moose Peterson says, “creating something this large you gotta put everything into it when you go click.”

For example, Moose wanted two metal prints: one 65-inch horizontal and one 65-inch vertical. That’s 5 feet x 5 inches. He was thrilled with the results. In fact, he called his big prints the “Spectacular 65.”  The effect was awesome, but also the images we worked with were awesome too.

A big metal print looks amazing. Even though it’s one-dimensional, the visual depth, as Moose exclaims, is “breathtaking.” The print comes to life.

In his Image Wizards Spectacular 65” video, he said,  “I had no idea I would have a print this large,” and now we can go way bigger with our split-image print process.

So, don’t assume anything. Ask us. We can find a way to deliver what you want, and the result, we guarantee, will be spectacular.