Pro Photographer Moose Peterson is an Image Wizards Raving Fan

Moose Peterson is a passionate award-winning wildlife and aviation photographer who loves to print photographs. He says that a print is how photographers share the marvels of what they see – those incredible moments captured with one click.

Yet, even though Moose loves to print his own photography on paper, and provides workshops on printing in his own print lab, there is another print medium that Moose loves and that medium is metal. But it must be done the Image Wizards way.

Moose is a raving Image Wizards fan. Their proprietary process for printing on metal, he says, adds a three-dimensional visual depth to a photograph that is simply not possible with a paper medium.  Printing on metal creates a glow, as if the images are backlit, making them pop.

On his website, Peterson writes, “Printing serves many purposes in photography, from monetary gains to personal satisfaction. For these purposes and so many more, when I need metal prints, they are who I turn to and I’ve NEVER been disappointed.”

When he’s ready to send a digital file of a photograph he wants printed on metal to Image Wizards, Peterson prepares it as he would if he were creating a paper print for his Epson printer. “You can use the Adobe RGB 1998 color space,” he writes.  Then you just upload the file via the Image Wizards website.

Peterson is so trusting of work done by Image Wizards, he never asks for a proof. That’s big for this esteemed photographer.

“Sending off an image to Image Wizards and then seeing their box being delivered is just like Christmas! … I don’t need to check the prints, never have and have had nothing but rave reviews from [my clients] who have received them.”