Most Popular Places in the United States to Take Stunning Photographs

If you were asked where your favorite place is in the United States to take a stunning photograph, what would be your answer?

This is what Popular Photography magazine wanted to know from its readers back in 2015.  Reader picks, and their reasons why, may inspire you to take a trip to one of these places. If you do, and are successful in capturing a stunner or more, remember, that even though it’s easy to share photos on social media, the best way to make a photograph last is to print it.

Santa Fe, New Mexico: This is a top location, not only because it has a great arts community, but also because of the desert landscapes.

Charleston, South Carolina: The city is full of southern charm with its historic homes and gardens.

Denver, Colorado: The combination of city scenes and mountain views makes Denver a perfect place for interesting landscape photography.

Savannah, Georgia: Just like Charleston, SC, Savannah dishes up more southern charm and lush greenery.

Tucson, Arizona: Again, the desert, as well as Native American cultures, offer an abundance of beauty to capture with a camera.

San Antonio, Texas: It’s the history of the place that attracts photographers, especially the Alamo.

New Orleans, Louisiana: The French Quarter, the mansions and the culture offers an abundance of opportunities to photograph.

Honolulu, Hawaii: Wouldn’t you like to take a photo of Diamond Head?

San Francisco, California: From the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz, photographers “never tire of shooting the changing face” of this city.

Flagstaff, Arizona: Of course, it’s the Grand Canyon that attracts photographers with its “sweeping landscapes from innumerable vantage points.”

Other favorite destinations include Portland, Oregon; Minneapolis, Minnesota and Miami, Florida.

Got the travel bug? “Snap!”