January 03,2018

The Right Way to Take a Selfie

Just about everyone in this social media driven world who has a smartphone with a

December 10,2017

Pro Photographer Moose Peterson is an Image Wizards Raving Fan

Moose Peterson is a passionate award-winning wildlife and aviation photographer who loves to print photographs.

November 08,2017

Are Smartphones Replacing Digital Cameras?

Technology has a way of making things obsolete. Do reporters use typewriters anymore? Do accountants

October 01,2017

Can I Print a Mobile Phone Image on Metal?

If you have a camera phone you can take a decent photo. In fact, you

September 12,2017

Metal Prints are Like Visual Stories that Come to Life

You have probably heard the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The implied

August 12,2017

Resizing Digital Images

After a great day of shooting, working with clients, or color correcting, it appears it

July 01,2017

The Wizard Behind Metal Print Photography

When we take a digital photograph, we are capturing the essence of a moment in