With a global list of clients who have ordered our HD Metal Prints, we’ve heard “Wow!” in over 100 different languages!

In addition to some of the most famous photographers in the world, the AluminArte Fine Arts client list also includes international personalities, as well as global brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Harley-Davidson, Lockheed Martin, and even Google! Our Metal Prints are not just for Fine Arts but also for point of sale, hospitality, décor, product promotions, and trade shows.

I’ve seen great quality prints made of things with high definition in general. But I wondered what -this- print would look like on metal. Imagine my surprise when Bert (Monroy) and Image Wizards sent me a copy of the print. Impeccably packed, this print had so much detail, so much brightness, I swear it looks like it’s backlit. Just an intense shot, and a great job done by Image Wizards. Totally recommended!

- RC Conception

You have probably noticed at some photo trade show or in some photo magazine that metal prints are all the rage. There are lots of companies making metal prints. I’ve seen prints from at least six different vendors. But I’ve never seen one that comes close to what you get from Image Wizards. They are aptly named. They are wizards and they in fact invented metal prints on aluminum.

- Scott Bourne

My buddy Matt Kloskowski had the first AluminArte print I’d ever seen, and when it came in the office,we all just stood around it slack-jawed. I’d never seen anything like it. Then when my print came in, we did the same thing- the depth and detail is like what you see on HDTV (compared to standard definition). This is just one of those you have to see it with your own eyes types of things

- Scott Kelby, Founder of National Association of Photoshop Professionals

After working 30 years in product development of photographic output products at Eastman Kodak, I know that it is no simple task to design and develop a manufacturing process for photographic materials. Your product is exceptional at producing state of the art photographs that I highly value to present my photographs is a new and novel and exceptional way. A quick note to let you know that the Image Wizards prints have been the hit of my exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery. Seasoned photographers are seeing them as if they are seeing photographs for the first time.

- Sheridan Vincent

I am using Aluminarte in our studio and for commercial photo décor jobs, with the response from our clients being overwhelmingly positive. The material is robust and attractive, rendering exquisite detail and optimal visibility under all lighting conditions.

- Stephen Frink

Sending off an image to Image Wizards and then seeing their box being delivered is just like Christmas! The quality of their workmanship is such that when I send images out for printing for clients and I have it drop shipped right to the client. I don’t need to check the prints, never have and have had nothing but rave reviews from those who have received them.

- Moose Peterson