About The Company and Its Founder

Roger Laudy, is the founder of Image Wizards and The Inventor of Metal Prints. Roger came to North Carolina from Ohio after inventing a unique technology for dye-sublimation onto ceramics. After a lot of experimentation, in 2003 he invented Metal Prints and Image Wizards was born. We are the industry leader in technology and quality

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The Art And Science Of Image Wizards

Metal prints on aluminum are both an art and a science. They were invented by Roger Laudy in 2003. While many competitors, online and offline, try to imitate our process, none can even begin to compare with the life-like quality of an original Image Wizards metal print. With 40 years of product development behind our imaging technology, an Image Wizards’ Aluminarte Metal Print is the best in terms of the wide gamut of colors and crisp fine detail and unequaled in depth of field. Each photo print is the product of a painstaking process that takes place one image at a time. It all happens under the skillful eyes and creative talents of highly specialized imaging professionals. Our award-winning, custom-engineered imaging equipment stands unrivaled in its ability to render life-like images directly into the aluminum finish.

Why Choose Image Wizards?

When you look at our prints, you are not simply seeing a printed picture; rather, you are seeing dyes sublimated and suspended at different depths in the coating on the surface of the aluminum, giving our prints a unparalleled feeling of depth that will find you losing yourself in the print.  There are many reasons you should chose Image Wizards for your next project, but here are just a few.

We Work For You

Our goal at Image Wizards is to make you and your product look its very best. We back this up with our Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. This is why we work harder than anyone to provide the best service possible. You are not just a number to us, but a partner in business.

Custom-Framed And Shipped To You

Your art must be highly protected. Once your metal print is finished, it will be assembled by our custom framers and packed securely in a highly durable double-wall, corrugated box or wooden crate. Crates are included with larger prints, or can also be purchased for a very reasonable price for smaller prints if you plan on taking them from show to show. Nothing will protect your print better than a custom wooden crate built specifically to fit that piece. It will arrive at your studio door, ready to hang right out of the box.

Love Our Planet? So Do We.

We only have one earth. Let’s protect it. From our recycled aluminum to our proprietary coated, environmentally friendly finishes, an Image Wizards metal print is the best way to preserve your work and leave the smallest possible carbon footprint, while leaving the longest possible effect on those that get lost in your work. While Image Wizards breathes life into your photos it is the first photographic imaging choice that is environmentally green. Our coating process does not emit VOCs or release harmful chemicals into the air, and we will keep it that way. Not only will our metal outlast all paper prints by 100 years+, but it will look as good a century from now, as it did the day you bought it.

Always Growing, Always Getting Better

After exponentially growing our studio size, redesigning our packaging to qualify for the lowest possible rates with the most dependable carriers, drop-shipping globally, fine tuning the process to get even more crystal clear images, all in the last year, imagine where we’ll be in one more. We’ll never stop getting better, to make sure that you are always ahead of your competition, the same way we are ahead of ours.

If you need any more reasons to give us a try, call us and see why the personal non-automated customer service is making a come-back, and why getting to know who you are working with is still the best way to do business.

We’ll learn your name, we’ll learn your style, we’ll do whatever it takes to prove that we are the best in the game. You’re not just a customer, you are a business partner and we will help each other grow.