The History of Roger Laudy and Image Wizards



Roger Laudy was born in Ohio and started printing at the age of 12 in his parents’ basement. Roger was then introduced to sublimation inks and started tinkering to see how they worked and differed from traditional printing inks. Later in life, Roger patented a way to use sublimation inks on coffee mugs so that the images could be printed from top to bottom and all the way around the mug. That huge success grabbed the attention of a firm that bought Roger’s company.  After that, he moved to North Carolina to continue his work with sublimation. Never one to stop inventing, Roger left that firm and then developed a unique method to print onto mouse pads using sublimation inks. He built his mouse pad business to be the largest in the nation before deciding to use his talents in the industry to develop something that would revolutionize the photography industry.

In 2004 Roger went back to his deep well of knowledge and developed a coating line for aluminum and began to print photography using dye-sublimation on these panels. This coating line allowed the special sublimation inks to be applied to an aluminum surface that would allow light to bounce off the metal base and back through these suspended dyes giving them a depth that traditional photo printing methods had never been able to achieve. When he showed it to photographers, he knew he had something special. Image Wizards was born!

In 2016, Roger teamed up with Richard Brenner to be his co-owner and this dynamic duo has been building and improving the firm ever since.



What is Dye-Sublimation?

Dye sublimation is the process of embedding images into various substrates using heat and pressure. The liquid dyes turn into a solid when printed to paper, then through heat and pressure, the ink gets converted into a gas which is transferred into the aluminum coating and back into a solid form. These phase shifts are what make color correction and management extremely difficult. Knowing how to properly compensate for color changes during these shifts is what sets Image Wizards apart as industry leaders in this space.



The Art And Science Of Image Wizards


High-resolution prints on aluminum are both an art and a science. Roger Laudy, invented this process and first engineered photographic imaging on metal and launched a brand new industry in 2004. While many competitors try to imitate the Image Wizards process, none can even begin to compare with the life-like quality of an Image Wizards metal print. With 40 years of product development behind our imaging technology, an Image Wizards AluminArte metal print is unrivaled in terms of the wide gamut of colors, crisp fine detail and unequaled in the depth of field.

Each Image Wizard print is the product of a painstaking process that happens under the skillful eyes and creative talents of highly specialized imaging professionals. Image Wizards is backed by inventor Roger Laudy’s 40 years of continual innovation in dye sublimation. Our award-winning, custom-engineered imaging equipment stands unrivaled in its ability to render life-like images directly into the Aluminum finish.

We start by making sure that what we see on the screen will translate well to aluminum. This means we check to see if the finish you chose will work, we check resolution to make sure it will produce well and scale, and most importantly – we call you if any red flags jump out at us. After ensuring all of our calibrations and profiles are in-line, we produce a set of proofs on metal for your work (whether you request them or not) to gauge what steps to take to compensate for color changes during the various phase shifts.

We first print a mirror copy of your image on a high-release dye carrier paper. We then tape it to our specially coated aluminum and introduce it to our heat-press. During the sublimation process, various color shifts take place. Finally, once the colors are satisfactory in your proof, we print the final transfer that will be used to create your one-of-a-kind metal print.




Why Choose Image Wizards?


When you choose Image Wizards, you are choosing the original and the best.  We offer predictable, reproduction quality. Unlike others, we print a proof on metal to check the colors before making your masterpiece. Our Total Satisfaction Guarantee ensures happiness with your print. If you do not like it, we will make it right. You can choose any size you want–we never restrict you to a predefined size! You are a name and not a number to us and that personal level of interaction is just one of the many things that set us apart. Additionally, 98% of our orders ship in 7 days or less.



We Work to Save you Money


At Image Wizards, there are no exclusive freight carrier contracts. If you order a large print, not only are you getting the best possible quality print for a very competitive price, but we will personally call various carriers to make sure you are getting the best shipping rates all around.



Custom-Framed And Shipped To You


We understand the importance of protecting high-end art. Once your metal print is finished, we will and pack it securely in a highly durable double-wall, corrugated box or wooden crate. It will arrive at your door ready to hang right out of the box. Only the best for your metal print.

*Prints up to 40×60 will travel in corrugated boxes. Anything larger will be shipped in a wooden crate.



Love Our Planet? So Do We.


We only have one earth. Let’s protect it. From our 98% recycled aluminum to our proprietary coated finishes, Image Wizards is the best in the game. Our coating process does not emit VOCs or release harmful chemicals into the air. While Image Wizards breathes life into your photos it is the first photographic imaging choice that is truly environmentally green.



Always Growing, Always Improving


We are good and getting better. We continually fine-tune our proprietary processes to get even more crystal clear images. We keep finding better ways to package your art. We’ll never stop getting better, to make sure that you are always ahead of your competition, the same way we are ahead of ours.

If you need any more reasons to give us a try, call us and see why our personal, non-automated customer service is making a come-back, and why getting to know who you are working with is still the best way to do business.

We’ll learn your name, we’ll learn your style, we’ll do whatever it takes to provide you with the best metal prints possible! There are no large format metal prints as high quality and as sharp as ours!

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